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Why should you try Pass Your?

Why try Pass Your?No one likes the idea of being assessed for a new job and these type of tests add an extra level of pressure.

We understand how unsettling it is to face an assessment you don’t know much about. In your career you may only face an interview perhaps every few years, and more complex assessment tests far less frequently.

It’s this lack of frequency which puts you at a disadvantage- you don’t know how to prepare so you think you just need to go in and give it your best shot, right?

Wrong! The candidates who succeed don’t leave it to chance. They have prepared. They have sought help. They have made sure they are in the strongest position possible to achieve the best result.

You can do this too.

We have developed a full range of tools and guides so that whatever test you are facing you can approach it with the confidence of knowing you have given yourself a significant advantage

Too many people leave it to chance or decide reading around the subject will give them the competitive edge. This is not enough anymore.

Assessments have changed and you need to adapt your approach in order to succeed.

You need to understand what these tests are looking for and how you can match that.

That’s what we specialise in.

There are specific actions you need to take to excel and unless you have the inside information to understand what these are you will face disappointment.

Beating your competition

Almost certainly, your competition will still be researching the company and scanning latest industry news because this is what people have done before any job interview or assessment for the last 60 years.

Things have changed. This approach no longer works.

Where this approach fails is that it overlooks the importance of figuring out what you are like as a person.

Look at it this way. When two candidates both have similar credentials, who will the organisation choose, the applicant who proves in assessment tests that he is a collaborative team player, or the one who tends to disregard the opinions of others and alienate the team? The one who had an ‘extra mile’ attitude or the one who cuts corners to get a ‘good enough’ result?