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What does Pass Your do?

99% success rateMost applicants make basic mistakes when being assessed for a new job because they are unfamiliar with the rules. Things have changed in the world of testing for career progression but no one has taken the time to tell the candidates that. Up until now.

The selection processes you will be facing can be anything from the very latest in interviewing methods, through to In-basket exercises, role-plays, multiple choice tests or even the increasingly popular assessment or selection ‘centres’.

Our role is to make sure you avoid all the usual pitfalls, dramatically raising your game so you can out-perform your competition. If you take the time to find out what you need to do, the next career jump will be yours for the taking.

There are key principles to succeeding in these types of job assessment or selection tests, but most people don’t understand this.

You will have a massive advantage if you can find out what these principles are and how to apply them. Don’t miss this opportunity as you won’t find another like it.

We have experience with thousands of applicants, helping them transform the way they approach job selection tests. We guide them to optimise their performance and stop getting rejection letters through the door.

We’ve condensed all our experience into making you the very best job candidate you can be. It makes sense to get help with this.

We can make sure you prepare for job tests and career assessments using all the inside tips and tricks most people don’t have a clue about. With our help you will transform the way you show off your skills, your potential and how perfect you are for the job.

You need to prove to a new boss or new company that, without a doubt, you are the best person for the job. We can show you how to do it by sharing critical strategies and clever shortcuts.

Whatever job test or assessment you are facing, your performance will massively improve using the knowledge and techniques we can share with you.

Not only will you be more confident about the whole process but you are much more likely to get the outcome you deserve. If you try to do it by yourself, however impressive your qualifications or attitudes, you are really leaving your future in the hands of how good your opponents are. We make sure YOU become the candidate to watch!

There are two elements you MUST master prior to your assessment…

  • How to present your personal skills in the most effective way, using our behind-the-scenes techniques to maximise your ability to stand out and shine
  • Which competencies you naturally demonstrate well, and which you need to improve (or learn to minimize)

You probably don’t know fully where your strengths and weaknesses lie. Your success relies on this and we can help you uncover exactly what you need to know.

We have a firmly established reputation for providing constructive feedback, practical guidance and excellent results.

There are no catches, no cheats; just the right information used in the most effective way. Most people never get their hands on this information so all their job applications are a stab in the dark. With our help, this will never be you again.

We have extensive experience of all different assessments and know how to prepare you to ‘wow’ your potential employers.

To achieve excellent results you need to apply the right mix of effort and technique.

How does PassYour help you get your new job?

How does PassYour help you get your new job?

Job assessments are highly scientific. They need to be, recruitment costs companies a lot of money and so does making the wrong hiring decisions. To be successful you need to become much more scientific in your approach. Most applicants are unaware...