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Pass Your Interview Workbook

Pass Your Interview Workbook

Most people fail their competency based/ behavioural interview because they MISS THE POINT of the exercise.

Doesn’t sound like something you’d do? Think again- that’s the mistake your competitors are counting on you making.

It’s not common knowledge, but there are specific techniques which you can use to transform the way you perform in your interview.

The Pass Your Interview Workbook covers everything you need to know about passing your interview. It’s full of practical exercises and detailed examples to build your skills step by step.

If anything is going to improve your chances of securing your new job through an interview, this is it.

  • The workbook teaches you how to improve the structure of your answers so you don’t miss the point of the question (its surprisingly easy to do!) and waffle your way through less relevant detail
  • It guides you to identify the level of quality your answers need to reach. Too many interviewees answer with the example that seems to fit- not the example which is going to wow the panel.
Based on your unique mix of skills, aptitudes and evidence the workbook can give you the best chance possible of success, at a low cost.

The workbook helps you to:

  • Recognise the most important elements to succeeding at an interview (usually not what you would expect!);
  • Understand what is required of you through step by step explanations;
  • Identify a number of possible examples you can use in your interview so unexpected questions won’t throw you off track;
  • Develop your awareness of what this style of interview is looking for, and how you can match it (this is a huge area which most candidates totally misjudge);
  • Present your examples using the correct format, which will impress the panel and make it easier for them to rate you highly;
  • Select the personal examples which will set you apart from the rest of the candidates (most people focus on sharing completely the wrong details at interview and walk away not having done themselves justice at all!);
  • Learn how to identify weaknesses in your answers yourself, and how to work round them;
  • Recognise excellent from mediocre answers (you’d be surprised how many candidates think that providing a ‘suitable’ answer is good enough)
  • Finely tune your responses to realistic practice questions;
  • Create final answers to each question which will show, without a doubt, why you are perfect for the role.

This workbook is applicable to interviews for the rest of your career

This type of interview is used across a wide range of sectors and organisations, for selection to a new role or promotions ‘in-house’. This means that once you have used this Workbook to improve your interview skills and prepare really effective answers once, you can use it again and again throughout your career. It’s a long term investment.

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