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How does PassYour help you get your new job?

Your secret to successJob assessments are highly scientific. They need to be, recruitment costs companies a lot of money and so does making the wrong hiring decisions.

To be successful you need to become much more scientific in your approach. Most applicants are unaware of this, which is why their applications are so hit and miss. We are experts in helping you really target your performance to show potential employers what matters most to them.

Employers favour the type of selection tests which examine the specific behaviours. These assessments give employers a really powerful insight into what sort of work you will produce and what sort of an employee you will be day to day.

They will see, in a snapshot, what you will contribute to the company and even what headaches you might cause them.

They will put pressure on you, push you to show your best and your worst.

When they have all this information, difficult selection decisions become MUCH easier for them.

The information they get is worlds apart from the flimsy and unreliable impression a traditional interview would give them. That’s why interviews alone are much less common than before for more senior or sought-after roles.

With so many jobs out there, how can we be sure that the guidance and support we offer is right for YOUR job?

It’s actually quite simple. Most selection processes worldwide are now ‘competency based’.

Understanding the important role of competencies is critical to you having a head start.

Getting a new job is not just about what experience or qualifications you have. That’s just what gets your application accepted to take you through to the next stage.

What you are tested on next is what makes one applicant stand out from the next.

An organisation wants to assess how you behave in job related situations. Then it can predict how likely you are to perform successfully in the workplace.

This is what 90% of all candidates fail to understand.

We share with you the key principles which lie at the heart of all assessments PLUS how to make these your secret weapon.

It’s not expensive or time consuming to gain this advantage but as with any new skill you will need expert guidance. Then you will be in a MUCH stronger position to secure your future job success.


What should you expect from Pass Your

What should you expect from Pass Your

Getting results isn’t always about working harder. Sometimes it’s about working SMARTER. Giving yourself the advantage for your next career step doesn’t have to mean a great deal of extra work. But you do need to know what the RIGHT work is to do...