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Delivery Policy

In order to ensure clarity at all stages of our relationship and to reduce risks of unnecessary dispute, this page defines our Delivery policies.

1. VCA Ltd is committed to providing clients with a high standard of service at all times.

2. Delivery of services, and products, may be governed by a number of factors which may include, but not be restricted to, the specific terms of a contract between us; passage of funds through the banking systems; public and other holidays; third parties (suppliers and carriers); accuracy and inaccuracy of definition of requirements; factors beyond our control.

3. We will endeavour at all times to meet required delivery dates. However, delivery is strictly subject to receipt of payment with order unless otherwise agreed in writing prior to the placement and acceptance of your order for goods and services. Receipt of payment shall mean receipt of cleared funds at our bank.

4. We will agree a delivery date with you once payment has been received in full.

5. We will bear no liability for late delivery or non-delivery of goods or services where the failure is due to one of the following factors

A. Inaccurate description of the service/goods required by yourselves.

B. Inaccurate provision of delivery address by yourselves. You MUST state the full email address.

C. Other factors that are outside of our control (i.e. Acts of God, Industrial Disputes outside of our business, Acts of Terrorism)

6. Deliveries will, generally, take place within 48hrs after payment has been received.

7. In the event that you have any problem relating to delivery of goods and/or services you should contact us via email at [email protected] and give full details of the problem encountered.

Returns policy
VCA Ltd offers a full money back guarantee in the event that the purchaser does not feel that the products are a realistic and accurate representation of the actual assessment stage.

VCA Ltd will not provide a refund based on the purchaser’s performance in the actual assessment stage. Please note: Requests made after 72 hours of purchase may not get a full refund.

VCA Ltd products will inform and guide the purchaser in respect of their actual assessment stage, but they do not guarantee outcomes.

Amending this policy
We reserve the right to amend this policy at anytime without prior notice to you or your company unless such notification is required under UK legislation. The most up-to-date copy of this policy will always be available at our website.