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Role-play Exercise

Role-play Exercise

You apply for a job and are invited to an assessment day. They tell you that this will involve a role-play exercise You panic.

There are a lot of misconceptions about role-play exercises. Here we can address a few:




You have to pretend to be someone else Potential employers want to see who you are and how you behave in certain situations. The last thing they want to see is amateur dramatics!
They are designed to catch you out You may need to think on your feet at times but this sort of exercise isn’t designed to deliberately trick you
You will have to participate in fake and unrealistic scenarios Role-plays are job simulations- that means they reflect key elements of the job you have applied for. This will provide a realistic picture of how you perform in realistic, relevant scenarios
You have to second guess what the actors are thinking In an interaction you will never know 100% what is going on in the other person’s mind. That’s why you ask questions, look for body language and facial expression cues and work together to establish common ground. Role-play scenarios are no different at all


What will a role-play exercise look like?

What will a role-play exercise look like?

You will probably be given some information to read through before the role-play to let you know what to expect. From this information you will have an idea of what the discussion will be about.

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