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Example interview questions

Example interview questions

Competency type questions follow a very structured format. You can often spot them because they will start with:

‘Can you describe a time when..’

‘Can you think of an example when…’

‘Tell us about an occasion when…’

You would then go on to describe a situation from your own experience which matches the question.

Note: It will depend what level of seniority you are applying for as to how complex the question will be.


What skill is being assessed

Please describe a time where you have collaborated particularly effectively with others Team work
Can you give an example of when you have resolved a complex problem? Problem-solving
Please describe a time at work where you have had to meet high standards of quality and excellence High standards/ Excellence
Please describe a situation when you have had to create a detailed or strategic plan Planning
Tell us about a time where you have had to manage a significant change in your team or department Flexibility/ Change management
Do you have an example of a time where you have shown a particularly ethical approach to a difficult situation? Integrity/ Honesty
Have you taken steps to develop yourself in or outside of work? Learning/ Self-development
Please give us an example of when you have shown strong leadership Leadership
Tell us about how you have made efficiency savings in a previous role Financial acumen


Example follow up interview questions

Example follow up interview questions

You will probably also get follow up questions after the main question. These will be used to dig deeper into your example and gather the details which you may be skimming over. This is where it is really important to know your stuff! Its not a problem...

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