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Application form

Application form

Most of us are familiar with application forms, the first hurdle in the quest for a new job. They may be familiar, but application forms are notoriously easy to misjudge. Here we detail what you should be looking out for and how to get it right.

I know what an application form looks like, don’t I?

Well, yes and no…

It’s always a bit of a nuisance being asked to complete an application form when you have spent ages crafting a really good CV. But a lot of companies like to have you complete an application of their own; it sifts out the people who aren’t motivated to do it properly and also lets them gather exactly the sort of preliminary information they need (and not what you choose to tell them on your CV).

Broadly speaking there will be two types of application form:

  • Traditional. This will include lengthy boxes into which you have to painstakingly record your educational and work experience plus the dreaded ‘additional information’ box for you to share whatever it is you feel is relevant.
  • Evidence or competency based. You will be asked specific questions and have a space to provide your answer. These questions will seek evidence of your aptitudes in different areas e.g. problem solving, communication, planning etc.


How do I know if my application form is good enough?

How do I know if my application form is good enough?

You need the right mix in your answers- targeted content, appropriate structure and high quality It’s very hard to know exactly what the employer is looking for but there may be clues. If there is a lengthy box for you to provide additional information a...

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