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Your Situational Judgement Test questions answered

Your Situational Judgement Test questions answered

Here are 2 questions we were sent this week:-

Are there any tutors/ test prep for the Situational Judgement Tests?

Is there anyone in the UK that does test prep for the Situational Judgement Tests (specifically for the GMC/ Foundation Programme)?

We said..
There aren’t many website/ companies that offer this sort of help so finding guidance that is specific to this Programme may be difficult. The good news is that this sort of test is usually based not on information specific to one company but on behaviours relevant to being a good employee in general- which makes it much easier to prepare. You could make a good start by reading this piece on ‘How to pass an SJT with flying colours


Situation Judgement Test, help and guidance needed, please?

I am desperate to find my first graduate job, as I don’t have previous management experience. But every time I complete an online Situational Judgement Test (SJT) (aka graduate dilemma test) I am never successful. Can you suggest how can I prepare and over-come this tricky test?

We said..
SJT’s are notoriously tricky but you are right in thinking you can improve your performance by preparing effectively. This article on ‘What to do when you have failed an SJT’ should help. If you get through the SJT it shouldn’t matter than you don’t have managerial experience- most graduates don’t! But you do need to demonstrate that you have the aptitude to be a good manager in the future, and that’s what a lot of selection tests now focus on.


  1. Hello,
    Could you send me a page as a sample for me to understand what’s in this particular practice book? I’d like to know what I’m purchasing and the difficulty of the practices first.

    Thank you.

    • Hi Lucy, if you complete our Example SJT Questions you can get an idea of the questions contained in the workbook. Also don’t forget to enter your email address at the end of the test and we will send you a free preview copy of the workbook.

      If you have any other questions, do drop us an email via our Contact Us page



  2. How can I buy and receive soft copy of the situation judgement tests books

    • Thanks for your questions David. Currently we only offer our workbooks via instant download, would this work for you?

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