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I’ve had loads of interviews in the past- experience is all I need, right?

I’ve had loads of interviews in the past- experience is all I need, right?

You may think you don’t really need any help as you have had plenty of ‘old school’ interviews in the past, but a Competency based/ behavioural or structured interview is very different.

It is important to remember:

  • How different this type of interview will be from other interviews you’ve had, especially if it’s been a while;
  • How much there is at stake. Was scoring an interview easy or are they like gold-dust? Have you walked straight into it or had to jump through various hoops to get there (i.e. psychometric or other assessments;)
  • What evidence and examples you have. Are you clear what’s required in terms of structure and content of your answers? Is your evidence strong enough? Could slightly re-angling it make all the difference (you might not be able to tell without an external opinion);
  • How you plan to match your answers/ experience to the criteria being assessed. Have you considered how you will be able to do this?
  • How to adapt your answers to meet the questions when you are in front of a panel and having to think on your feet;
  • Your answers may not do you justice without a few professional pointers to make sure you are on the right track. You may not be targeting them in the right way. Friends or colleagues may offer advice but are you sure they understand all the latest requirements? The best guidance you can get is from industry insiders who design competency based assessments, train your interviewers and really know their way around this type of interview. (Did you know, we have an over 85% success rate with the people we help pre-interview? That’s a track record you want working for you!)
  • You can make big improvements to your interview performance very quickly with the right guidance. (Check out our unique interview preparation technique here)

Remember, most interviewees leave the panel with the impression that they were unprepared for the questions and unsuited to the role. Make sure you aren’t one of them.

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