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In-Basket success- who does well in these sorts of assessments?

In-Basket success- who does well in these sorts of assessments?

  • People who read quickly and accurately. There is often a lot of information to wade through and you need to be able to digest it quickly.
  • People who can spot the important factors straight off, and know which bits to disregard. This takes practice but does get easier when you know what you are looking for. Relevant information may well be buried in other parts of the exercise, different document or memos for example, which would have bearing on the question you are working on. There may well be red herrings too.
  • People who plan their time out and stick to it. If you don’t work out how long you are going to spend on each element of the task you will find yourself having to put your pen down half way through a sentence when time is called.
  • People who understand that you need to follow a formula of information you present. This may well take the form of a beginning (introducing the topic in brief), middle (addressing the key issues) and end (concluding, further recommendations, what you would consider doing in the future or looking at if there was more time etc).
  • People who have the confidence to put their own views forward. A lot of candidates summarise information that they have been given which really only demonstrates one skill- being able to summarise existing info! Stronger candidates take the information given and then build on it further, showing the assessors just how quickly and innovatively their minds work.
  • People who have put the work in to make sure they have got all the above skills. They don’t just materialise overnight!

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Article written by: Hannah Vallance

Hannah Vallance is a Chartered Occupational and HPC Registered Practitioner Psychologist, she has over ten years experience of designing assessment solutions.

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