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How to act like an idiot in a role-play!

How to act like an idiot in a role-play!

One of the daunting things about the prospect of doing a role-play is the thought of being judged. We know that there will be assessors there who will be evaluating what we are doing. But what if they rate me unfavourably? It’s enough to make anyone break out in a sweat.

Here are a few classics which are guaranteed to get your assessors back up!

  • Assuming you know everything you need to and not allowing anyone else to share their perspective.
  • Sticking to your plan irrespective of any new information that is introduced, ignoring key information because you already think you know best.
  • Not pausing for breath, just talking constantly with little regard for the other person participating (or not!) in the discussion.
  • Thinking that a certain approach is required and then really over-doing that behaviour e.g. showing sensitivity but bordering on patronising; needing to take control but disregarding anyone else’s perspective in the process; being assertive which comes across as bullying.
  • Staying in information gathering mode, asking plenty of questions but not then moving it up a notch to reach any conclusions by the end of the exercise.
  • Mumbling or speaking very quietly– if the assessors have to strain to hear you they are going to miss key things you say, and will get annoyed!
  • Wrapping the discussion up in ten minutes despite having 20 to spend on it.
  • Taking lengthy pauses to re-read any relevant information– you had before the exercise to do that!
  • Being fake– dropping in key ‘management speak’ terms because you think it will earn you points. It won’t, and the assessors will see straight through you!

Don’t worry, the assessors will never think you are acting like an idiot- no one will ever be as harsh a critic as you are to yourself!

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