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How applicants are selected for new jobs has become increasingly sophisticated. A few years ago no one had heard of an assessment centre or a psychometric test. When you went for an interview you knew what to expect. Nowadays, companies have had to get smart about how to make the right hiring decisions because there is so much competition. They are now much more creative about how to test your skills, which isn't good news for you, the candidate. There are steps you can take to get round this, putting your future career options much more in your hands. We are here to show you how.

It’s time to get smart and learn exactly how to pass your selection tests and land your new job.
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Get ahead of the competition

Before any sort of job test or interview you need to figure out how to make sure you are 'assessment ready' in as short amount of time as possible.

With anything new, there is a knack to doing it properly and any assessment or test for a new job is no exception. We teach these techniques. They aren't common knowledge and they are easy to get wrong.

Our services give you a fair advantage; they do not allow you to cheat. We simply have the coaching tools you need to make sure you are the very strongest candidate you can be. Of course you can tackle these tests alone. It is just MUCH harder to pass any assessment without the sort of guidance and insights that candidates wouldn't normally have access to. At we can take you behind the scenes.

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Your secret to success

Our latest Workbook

The Situational Judgement Test (SJT)

Our best-selling SJT Workbook includes:

+ Over 40 practice SJT questions for you to try;

+ Detailed answers to guide you on what right and wrong answers look like;

+ In-depth feedback on your own SJT results;

+ Behind the scenes details on what the SJT is REALLY all about;

+ Advanced strategies for turning this difficult test to your selection advantage;

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Looking for Assessment Exercises for your Company?

Finding a reliable, easy to administer and effective ways to assess potential new hires to your company can be a real headache. Perhaps even more hazardous is trying to fairly discriminate between applicants seeking promotion.

If you are facing these sorts of problems, here are some answers for you to consider...

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