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What should you expect from Pass Your

Getting results isn’t always about working harder. Sometimes it’s about working SMARTER.

Giving yourself the advantage for your next career step doesn’t have to mean a great deal of extra work. But you do need to know what the RIGHT work is to do.

By accepting the right help you can cut the time it takes you to prepare for your next assessment. Plus, you have the peace of mind of knowing that the steps you are taking are moving you in a very targeted and effective direction.

What we won’t do…

We won’t charge you the earth or demand a huge investment of your time. This doesn’t have to be labour intensive. If you do the right things in the right way, you can be in perfect shape for your assessment in a surprisingly short amount of time. We have honed our expertise down to a fine art and can pass the benefit directly on to you

How much time do you need?

We understand that you are busy and time is precious. With the best will in the world, you don’t have time to study for hours, however important the assessment is. The thought of it creates more stress, which isn’t a good environment for preparing for an important event.

  • If you have a week (1-3 hours total) we can make sure you avoid the most common mistakes;
  • Give us two weeks (4-6 hours) and we will polish off your key skills and make sure your performance stands out from the rest;
  • Give us a month (7-10 hours) and your performance will be unrecognisably improved.


Who does Pass Your help?

Who does Pass Your help?

Being long overdue our next career move can be frustrating, especially when people around us are making leaps forward. Is it that they are better qualified or more experienced than you? Not always. In many cases, they have simply figured out how to...