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Pass Your Application Form Workbook

Pass Your Application Form Workbook

The application form is usually the first stage of a job assessment process. You really need to impress your future employers at this stage to go any further- and you will probably have a lot of competition.

Chances are you are making a few basic mistakes which are easy to remedy, but which you won’t spot by yourself (and your well meaning friends won’t be able to either!)

We specialise in helping with a specific type of application form- ‘The competency-based or behavioural application form’

Remember, you may not be told that this is what your job application will look like but you will recognise it if the questions sound anything like this:

  • Please provide an example of a time when…
  • Please detail an experience you have had when…
  • Please provide a personal example of when you have demonstrated…
  • Describe an occasion when you have…

This type of job application form can be very difficult to get right

Most people think it is much easier than it is. Companies use this type of application format because 1) it gives employers a really good insight into what you value and how you behave 2) it is a great way of cutting down on numbers to invite to the next stage.

You need to learn how to use what you have got to its very best advantage and craft exceptional answers. Most people simply don’t do themselves justice and wonder why they get rejected, or worse, simply don’t hear back.

Employers are looking for a few specific things in your job application form

It can make it harder to know how to approach your job application when you aren’t sure what they are looking for, but when you know what you are looking for, it’s actually nice and easy. We can teach you those skills.

If you haven’t nailed the technique you can be rejected even if you are an excellent candidate

The changes to the way application forms are now marked mean that very good applicants aren’t getting through to the next stage. It is surprisingly easy to remedy this once you have learnt the simple techniques, and some of the more advanced strategies we can teach.

Employers check to see how well your answers match their criteria. If you aren’t a good match, your application will be sifted out. Unfortunately, if you don’t know how to complete the application form properly you could also be sifted out, but not for the right reasons.

The Application Form Workbook guides you to:

  • Understand what is required in this new style application through simple, step by step explanations;
  • Recognise whether you are structuring your answers correctly or making the sort of mistakes your competitors will be making;
  • Identify a number of high quality examples you can use in your application (rather than settling on the first one that comes to mind!);
  • Develop your awareness of what your managerial level requires you to demonstrate;
  • Present your examples according to the ONLY structure which fits to the scoring criteria;
  • Select only the most persuasive and compelling examples;
  • Overcome weaknesses in your answers (and use them to your advantage);
  • Create final answers which will properly showcase your experience and potential (most people are not very good at doing this!)

Even if you have huge amounts of experience and potential, it isn’t enough if you don’t present it effectively. We can help you systematically improve your performance so you sail through the application form stage of your assessment

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