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Pass Your ADC Workbook

Pass Your ADC Workbook

An invite to an Assessment or Selection Centre is usually met with mixed feelings. You’ll be ecstatic that you are one step closer to nailing your new job, but terrified about what the day will hold.

Our aim is to take all the uncertainty out of the assessment day so you can attend feeling confident and prepared.

If you don’t prepare properly you will turn up to your assessment a bag of nerves, and your assessors will see it. There is no way you can perform to your very best and impress your future employers if you have any anxiety about what you have to do and how you have to do it.

Our Workbook is designed to both eradicate your fears AND raise your game.

What will the Pass Your Assessment Centre Workbook do for you?

  • Explain exactly what an assessment/ selection or even development centre is;
  • Detail the types of exercises you are likely to face and what to expect from them;
  • Uncover what the assessors will be looking for, revealing the never before detailed specifics of how they mark your performance ;
  • Guide you on how to tackle the exercises and which skills are the most important for you to focus on;
  • Provide practical exercises to refine your skills so you don’t go into your assessment ‘cold’ ;
  • Deliver key strategies for dealing effectively with the type of issues you will face ;
  • Reveal the most frequent mistakes and what you can do to avoid them;
  • Examine how you can turn your weaknesses to your advantage ;
  • Explain how you can use your everyday workplace performance to prepare for your assessment (so you are getting ready for your assessment on work time!);
  • Improve your communication style so you shine in tricky group discussion or role-play exercises;
  • Show you practical example of written or in-box style exercises;
  • Give you the confidence to overcome any nerves in advance of your role-play exercises;
  • Prepare you to respond effectively in complex or dynamic exercises ;
  • Teach you how to isolate relevant information and use it to its best advantage (most candidates struggle hugely in this area).

If you are planning on attending an Assessment Centre you have to be willing to prepare in a targeted way. The candidates who don’t stand out a mile. This Workbook has been designed based on years of experience of creating assessment centres and managing assessors. Let us help you use this expertise to your advantage.

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