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Do you have a high volume of applicants?

Have strict qualification criteria (where applicable) and administer an SJT to identify competency-based potential as an initial sift

Is your interview process rather subjective?

Train your staff in advanced behavioural interviewing techniques (2 days max) and use a structured scoring mechanism to speed up decision making (whilst also allowing robust assessment evidence to be gathered)

Are promotion decisions damaging morale?

Implement a one day assessment process across the board, with a strong emphasis on pre-assessment preparation and support for nominated candidates. Go the whole hog and also implement a thorough feedback and coaching process post promotion cycle.

Is your selection process taking too much time, costing too much money and/or failing to identify suitable new hires?

Too much time can be spent if no-go candidates aren’t sifted out early enough and your process isn’t systematised enough; too much money is spent using expensive psychometrics which are largely unrelated to role or your processes aren’t streamlined; poor quality candidates are hired if you are selecting against skills which were more relevant in the past than they are now or if you aren’t properly assessing relevant skills (standard interviews are the main culprit)

Do you have problems with retention?

Change your selection process to make sure you are selecting on the right characteristics and also providing a realistic job preview for applicants.

If you have any other questions, or would be interested in finding out more specifics on any of the above we’d be happy to have a chat and see if we can help. Just complete the boxes below and we will give you a call ASAP.

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