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Top written exercise questions

Top written exercise questions

I have to do a written type exercise but it’s not referred to by any of the names you mention- will it be very different?

The designers of these exercises like to come up with slightly different names, either to fit in with what the organisation wants or else to seem like they have produced something ground-breaking. They aren’t. Basically these types of exercises ask you to do very similar things, assessing you against very similar criteria. It may be presented in a slightly different way, but underneath it will be much the same.

The test will be handwritten- but I’m used to typing and I’m not sure my handwriting is good enough

  • You can ask if there is any chance you can type your answers. The worst they can say is no and making the enquiry won’t be held against you
  • The people who assess these types of exercises are used to deciphering bad hand-writing, trust me!
  • Get some practice in- handwriting speed picks up surprisingly quickly if you make the effort to copy out a paragraph or two every day
  • Don’t forget to join up your writing! It’s much quicker. That’s why you were taught this skill at junior school

What’s the best way to structure your answers?
Follow the instructions. If it doesn’t say specifically how they want it laid out then you can use your own judgement. Just make sure to use paragraphs (no one wants to read an A4 sheet of unbroken text). Also use headings- these signpost to the reader where you are going next. If you sketch out your headings in rough first it will also help you make sure your paper follows a logical order and doesn’t jump from topic to topic in an erratic way.

I’ve never been formally tested but I think I am dyslexic. Will this be taken into account?
It will, but you will usually need to have a ‘statement’ or some sort of evidence to back this up. If you are able to prove that you have been assessed and found to have any special requirements this will be taken into consideration. For instance, you may be given more time or a format of testing which works best for you (paper and pen versus computer screen for instance). Don’t feel that this will be held against you as it won’t.

I’ve never had to do one of these exercise before- what should I be revising?
There is no specific knowledge you should be learning. All the information you need will be contained within the exercise itself. However you can brush up on techniques to answer the questions effectively using the information you have been given. You can find out more here.

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